Sunday, February 21, 2010


our very first batch...
the color in picture shown are 95% matched the exact color of the shawl


code : checkered chic 10221

condition : Brand new
price : RM16
quantity : 1
description :

A black and white checkered shawl.
Cotton-like material.
Fabric a bit thick but cold.
Very easy to wear even without pin/ brooch
Time saving because no need to iron.



code : pinkish dual 10221 (pink) / tangy dual 10221 ( orange )
condition : brand new
color : pink and orange available
price : RM16
quantity : 1 for each color
description :

Dual tone color.
Cotton-like fabric
Very easy to wear
Hand wash is advisable but washing machine also can lah
The size is smaller than regular pashmina
Ironing is necessary

code : tangy dual 10221

P/s : look a bit crinkle coz i don't have time to iron


code : pinkish bright 10221
condition : brand new
Price : RM16
Quantity : 1
description :

Bright pink in color
Pashmina-like material
Have a little yellow stripe on it
Size similar to regular pashmina
time-saving coz no ironing is needed


code : blackly stripe 10221
condition : brand new
Price : RM16
Description :

Black color shawl with white and red stripe
pashmina-like material
size also similar to regular pashmina
no need to iron
hand wash is advisable


code : grayish black 10221
condition : brand new
price : RM16
description :

the color is a bit mixed up.
a bit smaller than regular pashmina
no need to iron
handwash is advisable
very easy to wear even without pin/brooch

p/s : this one is our favorite

(reserve for saripah)


code : gorgeous Grey 10221
condition : brand new
price: RM16

Grey in color
fabric can be seen through
but after lilit2 it should be fine lah..☺

size a bit smaller than regular pashmina
handwash is advisable
no need to iron
very easy to wear

(sold to miss aida)

To order kindly send us an email. It is advisable for you to send the picture together with the information needed to avoid confusion.

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